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Cedarburg Environmental Study Area

Located in the Town of Cedarburg, WI, CESA is 38 acres. This preserve contains wetlands, ponds, open meadow, conifer forests and mixed hardwood forests. Additionally, walking through the preserve you will see unique insects, birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, and an amazing array of ant hills. Specific birds that you will see are the blue-winged teal, wood ducks, mallards, green herons and warbling vireo. Specific plants that you will see are red maple, red osier dogwood, white pine and jack-in-the pulpit.  As the name suggests this preserve is dedicated to the natural world’s study and regularly hosts school groups and various other organization groups such as the Boy Scouts.

This preserve is possible because the Senglaub family of Cedarburg graciously sold the OWLT this parcel. Several years prior to OWLT ownership, the Senglaubs initiated a major transformation of the former agricultural fields. Multiple wetlands and ponds were created in addition they planted over 40,000 trees. This dramatically changed the landscape and created a wide variety of habitats. For their extraordinary efforts the Senglaubs received the Wisconsin Land Conservation Association Habitat Development Award in 1988. Visit this preserve to hike, bird watch, fish, hunt or cross country ski. Pets on leash welcome.

Location: Cedarburg, WI
Google Map Link: Click Here
Download Trail Map: Click Here

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