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May OWLT 2022 eNewsletter

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

During our 30th year we have taken on 30 initiatives that we will share with you over the course of the year. Look for our monthly eNewsletters for information on the IMPACTFUL initiatives to support our mission: To protect and steward land and water for the benefit of all.

In April, we introduced initiatives for Land Protection and Land & Water Stewardship:

  • #7 - Fellenz Wood - Milwaukee Riverkeeper ® Spring Clean Up

  • #8 - Garlic Mustard Pull-A-Thon Announcement

  • #9 - Pukaite Woods - Grazing Goat Crew is Returning!


Revitalizing Prairie

#10 Spreading Seed from Pollinator Partnership Award

Through the help of volunteers and motivated by the need to improve native habitat for pollinators, Pollinator Partnership and Project Wingspan collects, processes and donates native prairie seeds to create a more biodiverse food source for pollinators. As a partner in this program, OWLT has been awarded a portion of the collected seeds. Some areas of our managed native prairie are not as diverse as others and spreading the seeds in those areas enhances the diversity of pollinator habitat, increases the health of food resources, and creates sustainable wildlife and flora populations.

Pollinators, such as butterflies, wasps, hummingbirds, bats and moths, play a crucial role in our local ecosystem as they pollinate our food crops and ensure that our local plant populations thrive. They need our help and offering healthy native prairies provides a pollinator habitat for years to come!

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