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Leona Knobloch, Development Director

Leona Knobloch, Development Director

Leona Knobloch joined OWLT in January 2020. Her background experience in philanthropy, architecture, and education allow her to be involved in a variety of avenues with the team; with her main focus being on fundraising, public relations, and community outreach.

Leona’s passion for the environment stems from her earlier years of spending weekends on her grandparents’ 150+ acre farms. Her focus on land conservation was realized, in her early teens, when those farmsteads were divided and sold for residential developments. Still today, Leona’s favorite vista is a rolling farm countryside.

Leona graduated from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Mount Mary University, and Lawrence Technological University. In addition to two undergrad degrees, she earned a Masters in Architecture (with a Certificate in Historic Preservation) and a M.A. in Education.

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