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Planning a day trip?

Enjoy the beauty of nature at your own pace, via bike, car, or canoe, with self-guided tour maps connecting the preserves via bicycle trails, road routes, and waterways.

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These interactive maps can assist in planning recreational day/weekend trips throughout Ozaukee and Washington Counties. 


OWLT nature preserves, as well as partnering outdoor areas, are highlighted as stopping points. 

If you are interested in being a sponsoring company to have your location highlighted on the maps contact Leona at

Ozaukee County - Interurban Trail
For route waysides visit the Ozaukee Interurban Trail interactive map

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South Washington County
Ice Age Trail-Monches is meant for hiking (not bicycling)
For more information visit: Ice Age Trail - Monches

North Milwaukee River Preserves
Canoe landing not available at all preserves seen on map.

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