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Hunting is allowed on select preserves during the hunting seasons and encourages conservation relationships and awareness of benefits toward land preservation.

The OWLT policy:

  • protects and enhances wildlife habitat. Over browsing by deer and rabbits can degrade wildlife habitat for all species. Selective hunting can balance populations and ensure habitat for all species.

  • preserves the scenic and open spaces. Over browsing degrades the natural landscape and decreases plant diversity. Selective hunting helps assure that native flora can establish and remain viable.

  • enhances conservation relationships. Through partnering with hunters, OWLT can protect and enhance our preserves through partnerships and gain knowledge of our sites through public perspective.

  • encourages nature-based recreation. Hunting is an excellent intergenerational tradition in Wisconsin. It promotes family traditions and provides an outdoor recreational, educational, and stewardship opportunity for families.

Questions can be directed to Ryan Wallin at

or the Stewardship Team at 262-525-9897 or 262-525-9891

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