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Due to the urban nature of many of our preserves, waterfowl hunting is often incompatible because of our restrictions on gun usage. We only provide for waterfowl hunting on a limited number of preserves.

It’s important to note that our restrictions on waterfowl hunting are only based on upland hunting. Rivers, lakes, ponds and streams are considered "waters of the state." If you are hunting from a boat or in the water, you are subject to state hunting laws. In either case, we do not allow motorized vehicles on our preserves. If you wish to bring a boat to the water you must carry it or use a self-propelled device.

We accept hunting applications at any time during the year – to be considered for one of our Managed Access Sites be sure to have your application in by August 15th. OWLT grants permission to hunt our Open Access preserves, but hunters are still required to follow all applicable state or local rules and regulations. We are not responsible for informing hunters about these rules and regulations.

Hunters must follow DNR regulations, local municipality ordinances, and OWLT’s Hunting Policy. – whichever is most restrictive.

***Equipment found in association with a violation will be removed from the property and held by OWLT. OWLT reserves the right to assume ownership of any piece of equipment in violation.***

Please contact our Stewardship Director at for more information.

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