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Bird watching is both peaceful and exciting. While enjoying the quiet and calm of the natural world, the thrill of discovering a new species while out on a preserve is something passionate birders look forward to. Our preserves provide wonderful habitat for birds, some of which are located in central migratory flyways. 

Highlight Preserve: Forest Beach Migratory Preserve

Sunrise at Forest Beach.jpg

Located in the town of Belgium, Wisconsin, Forest Beach Migratory Preserve is a 116-acre nature preserve that supports birds along the Lake Michigan migratory flyway. This preserve contains a 5-acre hardwood forest with ephemeral (seasonal) ponds, open grassland and prairie, a partially wooded ravine and 5 constructed wetland ponds. The site was previously a golf course but OWLT purchased the land because the property’s location and attributes lend itself to supporting migratory birds along the Lake Michigan Flyway.

Other Preserves Suitable for Birdwatching:

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