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Donges Bay Gorge

Located along Lake Michigan in the city of Mequon, WI, Donges Bay Gorge Natural Area is 23 acres. This preserve contains steep lake slopes, beach frontage, an undulating upland lake bluff, upland woods and a ravine that extends through the property. OWLT is restoring historically and regionally scarce vegetation communities to both increase biodiversity and improve wildlife habitat to greater support the Lake Michigan Migratory Flyway. Visit this preserve to hike or bird watch. Pets on leash are welcome.

There is NO BEACH ACCESS from this preserve. Due to damage to the integrity of the bluffs and the health of nature, hiking on or down the bluffs is PROHIBITED.

This preserve is under video surveillance and monitored regularly.

Location: Mequon, WI
Size: 23 Acres
Google Map Link: Click Here
Download Trail Map: Click Here

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