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Fishing is allowed on OWLT preserves.

Many of our nature preserves provide critical habitat for biodiverse plants and animals, including fish. As with all recreation, we ask that those who benefit from our preserves comply with our mission to protect and steward land and water for the benefit of all.

Highlight Preserve: Sauk Creek

Located in Port Washington, Wisconsin, Sauk Creek Nature Preserve is a 27-acre property with excellent opportunities for recreation, including fishing. Sauk Creek runs north and south over limestone bedrock ledges and eventually flows into Lake Michigan near the Port Washington Marina. Floodplain forest runs along Sauk Creek and a series of wetland/spring seeps discharge water into the creek. Higher land on the eastern half of the property is a new-growth forest, created by succession from old agricultural fields. Trails connect the preserve to local neighborhoods and a bridge allows easy access to the creek. The land is a valuable wildlife corridor.


Other Preserves Suitable for Fishing:

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