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Kratzsch Conservancy

Located in the Town of Trenton, WI, the Kratzsch Conservancy is 73 acres. Once a farm, this preserve contains grasslands, wetlands and woodlands with approximately 2,500 feet of frontage along the north bank of the Milwaukee River. OWLT has planted over 6,000 trees/shrubs, enhanced wetlands, planted 38 acres of prairie grasses, added a canoe/kayak rest area along the Milwaukee River, constructed a bridge across a cattail marsh and created a 2-mile trail system. Due to its central location, the Kratzsch Conservancy has also become the headquarters of our stewardship program where we maintain a workshop and a tree nursery. The topography of the area is typical of glacially formed landscapes and includes features such as eskers, kettle depressions and kames. The forested areas are relatively free of invasive plants and contain trees such as paper birch, white oak, red oak, burr oak, sugar maple, white ash and black cherry. There is evidence of potentially heavy historic livestock grazing in the wooded areas. Visit this preserve to hike, bird watch, fish, hunt, boat or cross country ski. Pets on leash welcome.

Location: Newburg, WI
Size: 73 Acres
Google Map Link: Click Here
Download Trail Map: Click Here

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