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Deer hunting is the most popular part of our hunting program. Our goal is to provide a safe and high quality experience for as many hunters as possible. To contribute, hunters should follow all rules and regulations, be respectful of OWLT neighbors and other hunters, and provide feedback about any violations to OWLT as soon as possible.

Deer Hunting

Due to the developed nature of many of our preserves, bow hunting is often the only allowable option. Hunters are required to follow all applicable DNR, local, and OWLT rules and regulations. We are not responsible for informing hunters about these rules and regulations.

OWLT deer hunters will respect the following rules:

  • Hunters are asked to harvest at least one doe prior to harvesting a buck.

  • Upon harvesting a deer, hunters have two days to fill out a Harvest Report and submit to OWLT.

  • Hunters are responsible for knowing where OWLT property boundaries are located and for staying within these boundaries – as to not trespass onto adjacent, private properties.

  • If hunters need to follow a wounded deer onto private lands, permission must be obtained from the landowner before proceeding onto private lands.

  • Motorized vehicles of any kind are not allowed on OWLT preserves.

  • Hunters must park at designated parking areas.

  • Hunters must pack out any garbage or other items when leaving OWLT preserves.

  • Hunters are encouraged to join OWLT and volunteer on OWLT preserves. 

  • Hunters are responsible for obtaining weapons discharge permits from local agencies where needed.

Hunters must follow DNR regulations, local municipality ordinances, and OWLT’s Hunting Policy. – whichever is most restrictive.

***Violation of any of the rules above, local ordinances, and/or DNR’s regulations will result in the violator no longer being eligible for Managed Access sites for perpetuity***

Please contact our Stewardship Director at for more information.

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