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Several years of strategic planning and action resulted in over 1,600 new acres permanently protected by the Ozaukee Washington Land Trust through its Great Rivers, Great Lakes campaign.  Now we have an opportunity to protect 131 acres of unique lake bluff and migratory habitat that includes nearly three-quarters of a mile of Lake Michigan shoreline.

Dear Friend,

On August 18th, Gov. Tony Evers announced more than $4.5 million in funding to advance projects across Wisconsin supporting conservation and outdoor recreation including $2.3 million that may be used to support Cedar Gorge Clay Bluffs. 

On behalf of the Board of Directors and members of Ozaukee Washington Land Trust, we would like to thank Governor Tony Evers and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources for their heroic investment in the conservation of Cedar Gorge Clay Bluffs and across Wisconsin. 


Ozaukee Washington Land Trust: These funds will support the Ozaukee Washington Land Trust in conservation, education, and stewardship efforts that protect the area’s natural resources and promote lakeshore recreation and safe harbor access, and conservation of unique, critical shoreline habitat. Initially, the Ozaukee Washington Land Trust had a stewardship request for 50 percent of the acquisition cost for the 131-acre Cedar Gorge-Clay Bluffs Preserve. That initial request was objected to by a JFC member. 

Milwaukee Public Schools Outdoor Spaces: These funds will support playfield renovations.

Caroline Lake Preserve, Ashland County: These funds will provide 50 percent of The Nature Conservancy’s acquisition cost for 34.5 acres, including the shoreline, to allow for public access to the northwest corner of Caroline Lake State Natural Area.

Forest County: This acquisition in the Town of Nashville will ensure continued sustainable county forest management on highly productive forest land, enhance recreation access, and safeguard watershed and wildlife habitat on 160 acres. 

Sand Creek, Bayfield County: This acquisition of productive forest lands in the towns of Bayfield and Bell will ensure continued forest management on highly productive forest lands.

I want to thank our community members for having the backbone to stand up for conservation, for advocating for funding for open spaces with leaders, and for plastering your neighborhood with Conserve Cedar Gorge yard signs. 

Thank you to Governor Tony Evers, Wisconsin DNR, and Representative Deb Andraca from the generations of countless Wisconsinites and visitors to our region who will enjoy the same quality access to the outdoors that make our corner of Wisconsin special. THANK YOU! 

If you would like to send a personal email of gratitude to Governor Evers visit the Knowles Nelson Take Action Webpage.

Representative Deb Andraca put it perfectly in her remarks today: 

“20 years from now, when our children and grandchildren are walking in Cedar Gorge overlooking Lake Michigan, it won’t matter if a Republican or Democrat was in charge when Cedar Gorge was created. All that will matter to them is that there were people in our state government and our community who cared enough, and worked hard enough, to make it happen.”

With Gratitude,


Tom Stolp, Executive Director

VIDEO prepared as a donation to OWLT by

Good Land Productions and

CI Design Inc

Special thanks to

David Busse, Videographer

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