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November 2021 eNews

Youth Stewardship Program Creating Environmental Leaders: OWLT Interns 2021

“We are working to be more effective and efficient,” Leah Chybowski responded to the question on what made her experience at OWLT different then past internships at other nature based organizations. “For example, it is new to see how choices are made at a non-profit versus the national parks. Planning needs to be based on funding and strategic choices need to be made as a result.”

The conversation with the 2021 seasonal interns continued as the foursome, Zoe Zangl, Leah Chybowski, Jensen Kuehn, and Goulobsavanh Celine Saypanya, chatted about working on team based strategic planning, noting that in order to be successful “everyone has to be a critical thinker.” Jensen pointed out that the team is “small so we all have to be in the know”, but it also gives you the “freedom to do things that you think are important and time-sensitive, without the ‘red tape’.” It is a valuable learning experience.

Creating leaders through team based strategic planning, critical thinking, and hands-on experience.

Thank you to all the participants for making it a very special evening! For full newsletter click here.

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