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Biehl Nature Preserve on Lake Twelve

Biehl Nature Preserve on Lake Twelve


Located in the Town of Farmington, WI, Lake Twelve is 283 acres of land on the 53-acre Lake Twelve. The original 12-acre preserve is partially forested with yellow birch and tamarack, the property provides public access for non-motorized boating. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources leases the property, which includes a pier, an access road, and a parking lot.


In 2020, due to the generous land donation of the Biehl family, Lake Twelve Nature Preserve grew from 12 to 20 acres. This parcel features an elevated kame that overlooks a beautiful vista of Lake Twelve.


The success of land conservation around Lake Twelve continued through a partnership with the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) Greenseams® Program. This partnership secured another significant parcel of land to the north and east of the existing preserve, expanding the protected land to 283 acres to become the Biehl Nature Preserve at Lake Twelve.


Visit this preserve to bird watch, fish, hunt, or boat. Pets on leash welcome.

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