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Judy Rupnow

Judy Rupnow

Judy Rupnow serves on the OWLT Development & Communications Committee.

She is a Senior Counselor at MorganMyers.


For Judy, strategic planning, leadership development, research, coalition management, media relations, B2B marketing, fundraising and issues management are all par for the course. When Judy’s not delivering for her professional client needs, she decompresses with hiking, camping, international travel, a good cigar and a great glass of wine.



I love connecting dots, exploring new opportunities – finding a great communications strategy that creates change keeps me charged up. I love doing great work and being part of a team that brings it to life. I like the exploration – tackling a good challenge – digging in and finding something really special. Caring for the natural environment is important to me: farmers are part of that solution.



The best piece of advice I’ve ever gotten is: There is nothing medically different between stress and excitement – just take a breath, count backward from five and let’s go.Volunteer/passion projects I love to work on outside of work include monitoring land easements, volunteering at a Nature Conservancy, managing volunteers at the Dirty Ninja Mud Run for Kids in my community, being a park rec volunteer.Some items on my bucket list are traveling to Australia/New Zealand for a month, teaching English in Spain, volunteering for a summer season at a national park like Isle Royale, making a Rose Parade float and eating a ghost pepper … maybe not.

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